6 photos to take of your family every year

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Years seem to fly by! This is what most parents think. Each stage of your child’s development and family life marks a moment in time that you’ll never live again. The child that reaches for your hand will soon be going off with their friends, the baby that nuzzles into you will soon be walking and talking.

Photographing these moments is the best way to capture these moments and re-live them long after they become distant memories. These photos will become precious heirlooms that can be passed down the generations and really show what your family was like.

To help capture these moments here are 6 photos to take of your family every year.

1. Milestone photos

There are so many milestone moments that take place in the families life and children’s lives. These are worth capturing when you can so you can remise on these big moments. 

They could be family moments like moving house, getting a new car or maternity portraits. 

For newborns and young children, there are so many milestone moments. Here are some milestones you will love to look back on:

  • First smile
  • First time sitting up
  • First time standing/walking
  • Feeding baby 
  • First bath time
  • First time meeting other family and friends

2. Firsts and lasts

There are so many firsts and lasts in your children’s lives. For example their first tooth, first day at the beach, first holiday… once in a lifetime moments that tell the storey of your children and your family.

3. Family events

Consider taking photos at important family events or plan a portrait session to celebrate one that is coming up. This can include:

  • Christenings
  • Graduations 
  • Wedding days
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Wedding anniversaries

4. Everyday moments

Capture the everyday moments. These are moments we sometimes are more likely to forget about as life passes us by. Some suggestions are:

  • reading a bedtime storey
  • bath time
  • having breakfast
  • playing

5. Hobbies or sports

Do your children have any hobbies, activities or sports they like to play or do? It’s worth capturing what they enjoy whether it’s simply reading a book, colouring in or playing football with friends. These favourite activities can change and involve over time, so having a visual record of what they loved and what shaped them is a great thing.

6. Family all together

Take a photo where everyone is in it. All too often at least one parent is missing from family photos. Some parents are hardly in any photos at all.  While this might not seem like a big deal now, wouldn’t be nice to look back and see the whole family all together in one precious photo. 

To do this you can ask a friend or someone else you trust to take a photo of you or set up a camera on a self-timer. If you want something extra special, hire a photographer that specialises in capturing families. You can check out my portfolio.

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