5 reasons to have your photos taken in your own home


I love indoor lifestyle photoshoots for many reasons. To help explain why I love them so much (and why I think you will too) I’ve summarised my 5 top reasons to have photos taken in your own home.

1   Comfort

“There’s no place like home” is a saying that is true for nearly everyone. Little ones (and grownups too) sometimes feel awkward and take a while to feel comfortable in a new place, however at home they feel safe and secure.

Having sessions take place in your home makes everyone feel at ease a lot quicker. This makes it easier for me to capture genuine smiles and let their personalities shine. It also lets me capture those little natural moments so when you look back on your photos in years to come you can remember those genuine feelings and moments that you may have forgotten.

2   Weather

With in home sessions, the session can still take place rain or shine.

With British weather it can’t be guaranteed what the weather will be like on the day, however with in home photoshoots we don’t have to worry about what’s the weather going to be like. This takes the stress away so you can concentrate on other things instead of checking the weather apps daily before your shoot, braving the cold or having to reschedule.

3   Timing

My sessions usually start at 10 am however can take place anytime between 9 am to about 5 pm. This makes it easier to work around children’s bedtimes and nap times.

4   Everything to hand

Everything you may need is easy to hand in your home. No need to remember the spare clothes, snacks, drinks, toys …. the kitchen sink.

Also having it in your own home makes it easier for the kids to be entertained in another room while I take photos of the baby, or the baby to be fed while I’ll take photos of the older siblings.

5   A special place

Your home is a special place regardless of whether it’s your forever home or a temporary place. It’s where you are at this point of time and it can be lovely to look back at where you were with your family at this point in your family’s life.

Don’t worry if your home is not Instagram worthy, too small or a little messy now you have children. I can work in any home and still capture beautiful images you will adore.

Where else do you have snuggles in bed, kiss your baby good night, read stories to them? Your home is where memories are made, not just for you but your children too. Why not have your photos captured in this special place that is unique to you and your family’s own storey.

Do you want to find out more? Check out my family at home page.

5 reasons to have a photo shoot at home

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