5 reasons to have a lifestyle newborn photo shoot


Generally, there are two different types of newborn photo sessions you can have; posed or lifestyle. I’m a big fan of lifestyle sessions however the choice is personal and up to you.

Below are my 5 reasons why I think lifestyle newborn photo shoots are great and why you might consider having one.

1   I come to you

I come to your house which makes it a lot easier for you. No need to worry about leaving on time or if you’ve packed everything. At home, you have everything within easy reach. It can also be useful if you have older children as they can go away to play when we are taking shots of your baby.

Having it at home can also make both adults and children feel much more relaxed and comfortable than going into a studio environment. This helps produce more genuine interactions and expressions which in turn makes the photographs more priceless for you.

2   Lifestyle newborn photo shoots are shorter

Because of the natural baby-led posing, lifestyle sessions tend to be a lot shorter than posed studio sessions. My sessions usually last 1 to 2 hours. Posed studio sessions can last 3+ hours, which can be exhausting for parents and siblings. I’m sure you have other things you want to be getting on with!

3   Your baby can be any age

Posed sessions need to take place in the first 12 days of the baby being born. Lifestyle newborn photo shoots can happen at pretty much any age of the baby. This gives parents greater flexibility to have photographs taken when they want to and ultimately feel ready. Having a newborn can be a joyful experience but also sometimes overwhelming. I don’t want to add to the stress by making you come in for a photo shoot when you are not ready too!

An added bonus when the baby is slightly older is that they can open their eyes. This helps make connections and more powerful photos in my opinion.

4   Every family member is involved

Most posed photos are with a baby on their own, however I think more emotive images are when the baby is being held by their parents and siblings. Lifestyle newborn photo shoots allows photos that show how you lovingly kissed your baby’s head, held their tiny hands and soothed them when they cried.

During lifestyle sessions, photographs of the other siblings on their own or with their parents can be captured too. This gives you a variety of images from this special time that you can look back on and reminisce about.

Pet’s can be just as much a part of the family as well. Whether your pet is a dog, cat, fish or anything in-between! Lifestyle in home photography can include your pets in some of the photos too.

5   Capture how life was at this time

Lifestyle photography beautifully and authentically captures your family during this special time. No generic props are used, however you can incorporate items that are special to your family. Things like a handmade blanket or special toy can help tell your family’s storey. These photos will not only be treasured by the parents but also the children when they are older.

If you would like to discuss a photo session in your own home, please contact me here or find out more here.

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