1 quick and easy trick for better photos of your children

Taking photos of your children can be hard. They can either hate it and try to hide away or they give you a cheesy great big grin that just doesn’t show off their nice natural smile. So what can you do to help get better photos of your children?

My easy trick is to…

Give them something to do. 

Give them an easy and quick task to do that they will enjoy doing. This trick gets their mind off having their photo taken so you can take something that shows their genuine facial expressions and personality. 

Granted this tip won’t work for newborns, but it will work for any older baby, toddler or child. 

If you are stuck for ideas, here are some to get you started:

  • Have them play with their favourite toy
  • Count something nearby
  • Jump as high as they can
  • Play peek-a-book
  • Give a family member hug
  • Dance (can be alone, with a sibling or with a parent)
  • Run towards you
  • Engage with them – Ask them a question and talk to them e.g. their favourite colour, what they are doing…
  • Set up their favourite activity like colouring in or playing football

5 minutes before the photograph below was taken the little girl was crying and didn’t want to be there at all! But with some gentle encouragement and interaction with the books, we got some lovely photos of her.

Girl playing with a book. Using a quick trick to help get a better photo of her.

Try to remember if something doesn’t quite work as you expected just move on and do something else or try another day. There is no need to dwell on it or get frustrated as your child will pick this up. Just have fun with it.

If you want more tips about how to take better photos of your children you can download my free guide here.

Free guide on how to take better photos of your children

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